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Learning is a part of the cycle of life. Our program is built on the foundation of family. Our classrooms reflect diversity and promote cultural awareness. We strive to work together to build a future that is filled with success!





West Cobb Prep Academy is an accredited premier state of the art school providing exceptional learning experience for infants through 2nd grade with safety in mind. We are located in the Marietta area of Cobb County. Our school is located on 3 acres of land with 12000 sq. ft. of instructional use.

Our researched base curriculum nourishes, supports, and expands the development of the whole child through developmentally appropriate materials and activities in a hands-on, experience –based environment.




Our vision and purpose is to have a secure and nurturing environment that is conducive for learning. We believe it is necessary to stimulate students educationally, creatively, and emotionally. We foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and literacy in all students. In addition, we are supportive of our teachers so that they can focus on educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world.





West Cobb Prep Academy believes in high quality education. That is why we are proud to be accredited by SACS and GAC. SACS is one of the six regional accreditation organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


 GAC... is a nonprofit educational accreditation organization founded in 1904 "to stimulate the schools to achieve and maintain a high level of professional integrity and competence. Their mission is to establish standards promoting instruction of high quality education for children in Georgia. To encourage schools to meet the establish standards. 











We are Marietta’s premier preparatory school. The school is a state of the art building with safety in mind. 

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