1st Quarter
  • Letters:

  • N, O, T, P, I, L, A, Z, S, D, F, H, G, R, K, C, B, M, E

  • Blends

  • Diagraph: ck, th, ng, ee

  • Suffix: ing and ed


2nd Quarter: Rule vc/cv

  • Letters: U, W, X, Y, J,V

  • a consonant e

  • o` consonant e

  • i consonant e

  • e consonant e

  • Contractions

  • Diagraph: sh, oo, ai, ay

  • Floss Rule

  • Final Stable Syllables

  • Vowel Y

  • Combination er

  • Trigraph igh

  • Compound Words

  • Suffix– less, ness, ly


3rd Quarter

  • Combination: ar, or, qu, ir, ur

  • Digraph: ch, ow, ea, ue, au, aw, oa

  • Soft c

  • The Rule v`/cv with a, i, e, o & u

  • Spelling with the dropping rule

  • Dipthongs: oi, oy, ou, ow

  • Spelling: oi, oy, ou, ow

  • The Rule:

  • vc/cvc/cv & ic/ccv & vcc/cv

  • Final Stable Syllable– tion

  • Suffix– es

  • Wild Colt Words


4th Quarter

  • Diagraph: ey, ph, ie, ei, ew

  • Rule vc`/v

  • Ghost Letters

  • Doubling and Dropping Rules

  • Trigraph: tch and dge

  • Combination wh

  • Suffix: er, est, ful

  • Prefix: un, pre, dis

  • Review







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