Social Studies


1st Quarter: People & Places
  • Members of Different Groups

  • Characteristics of Neighborhoods and Communities

  • Relationship between cities and suburbs

  • Rural Communities: Importance of Markets

  • City, State, Country

  • Continents and World

  • Land Forms & Bodies of Water

  • Climate and its affects

  • Regions

  • Natural & Synthetic Resources

  • Begin Learning State Capitals

  • Regions and Rivers in Georgia


2nd Quarter: Ways Of Living

  • Culture of all

  • Share culture through stories & art

  • American Symbols

  • Differences among national, state and religious holidays

  • Peoples choices vs. needs/wants

  • Work of Producers and Role of Consumers

  • Jobs that provide goods vs. services

  • Saving

  • Resources to make raisins

  • Interdependence of people and nations for goods and services

  • Continue learning State Capitals


3rd Quarter: America's Past

  • Define History

  • Compare Cultures

  • Marco Polo

  • Christopher Columbus

  • Hardships as a Colonist

  • Events that lead up to Independence

  • Influence of Transportation

  • Heroes:

  • Sitting Bull, Golda Meir, Jackie Robinson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein

  • Influence of Inventions

  • Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Adams, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Dr. Martin Luther King

  • Continue learning State Capitals


4th Quarter: American Government

  • 3 Levels of Government and Government Services

  • Citizens Rights and Responsibilities

  • Laws

  • Leaders at the 3 levels of government

  • Constitution

  • 3 Branches of National Government

  • US Relations with other nations

  • Jimmy Carter

  • GA Governor, Atlanta Mayor, US President

  • Mary Musgrove and James Oglethorpe

  • Review State Capitals

  • Review State/National Capitol Buildings


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