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3-4 year old's

Our Curriculum is based on thematic approach, and  academically challenging but has the flexibility of meeting the child's needs. Our staff work together with parents to instill a sense of self worth and self confidence in each child. Our class room is equipped with different centers to promote learning through play.

  • Additional literacy program is introduced

  • Daily computer lessons including ABC Mouse, coding, and general use. 

  • Children are encouraged to investigate, make decisions, and develop problem solving skills. Our curriculum comprises of the following 

  • Phonics program daily through Zoo Phonics

  • Everyday Mathematics introducing concepts of counting, weight, pattern recognition, sorting, and attributes. 

  • STEM lessons weekly based on the theme. 

  • Expression through art

  • Language development and literacy lessons paired weekly with relevant stories. 

  • Writing lessons through Handwriting without Tears

  • Country of the month program to showcase a new country every month and promote a healthy world view. 

  • Etiquette program and monthly character trait thematic lessons. 

Kids in Preschool
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