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At West Cobb Prep Academy, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interest in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning.

About Us: About Us
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To inspire a passion for learning, foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, and teach responsible citizenship through a partnership between school, home and community.
WCPA exists to provide an excellent educational experience in a safe and nurturing environment. WCPA’s education professionals are committed to providing a superior education that is both transformational and developmentally responsible for students success. Our Education professionals are relentless in their pursuit and commitment to creating one of the finest institutions of educational learning for ages 6 weeks – 2nd Grade, through the development of students who set the standard for academic success globally.

About Us: Our Mission


We encourage curiosity and imagination at every stage of school life, and provide important foundations for a love of life and learning in this formative period.

About Us: Our Mission


We believe our school values are at the core of the student learning journey at West Cobb Preparatory Academy. Our parents, teachers and students operate within the context of genuine relationships built on the values we all hold.
These values provide the support we all require to function within our school community.

West Cobb Prep fosters a love of learning by supporting children's natural curiosity, perseverance, confidence and risk-taking in a safe environment. .

Curiosity and Love of Learning

Through collaboration we find new sources of learning and strength. We seek out partnerships with community organizations that add value to our school system. We urge and support collaboration and exchange within and across our school community.


Passionate, knowledgeable, skillful teachers are the core strength of West Cobb Prep Academy.. We expect our staff to provide a dynamic and rewarding learning experience for students. Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between teachers and students and is nurtured by collaboration among colleagues. We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates and sustains an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovative instruction and personal growth.

Excellence in Teaching

We believe in open and frequent communication with families, teachers, and children.— Daily sheets Monday memo Monthly newsletters, personal conferences, progress reports are a few of the ways parents are kept informed.  We work closely with the children and the parents to ensure the education of the whole child.

Communication and cooperation 

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West Cobb Prep Academy believes in high quality education. That is why we are proud to be accredited by SACS and GAC. SACS is one of the six regional accreditation organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation





Numbers Game
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The West Cobb News Room enables our students to explore the media world with a real video camera and a communication system which involves all of the classrooms. Whether leading the pledge of allegiance, forecasting today’s weather, or announcing the special menu of the day, our children increase their self-esteem as they explore the job of a real newscaster.


Children will explore this old-world style market where real groceries and shopping carts are found. Scales and balances are used to weigh various produce to study scientific methods, and a hands-on approach to such mathematical concepts such as counting money and coins and making change are the focus.



West Cobb Prep offers proficiency-based Spanish and Mandarin program. Students are therefore exposed to all aspects of foreign language, from listening and speaking to reading and writing. We  provide more than just exposure to a second language, our programs inspire students to engage and understand the cultures and traditions of other cultures. The language classes are taught exclusively in the language and incorporate songs, poems, and children’s books used by native speakers. Through this exploration of language, students are able to communicate meaningfully and effectively in a globalized world.


Our floor to ceiling mirrors and ballet bar are a must as the children explore ballet, jazz, and tap. Our dance program stimulates cognitive, social, and large motor growth builds the children’s esteem as they perform at their semi-yearly dance recitals.

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Our Private school students love competing in the mathathon benefiting St. Jude every year. It is an amazing way to demonstrate what giving looks like to our students.

Donation Boxes


WCPA participates in a canned food drive and coat drive to benefit Must Ministries yearly.



Every year on Nov. 13th our classes choose something to do that would be kind. We love seeing our students choose causes they want to support and follow through!

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