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West Cobb Prep believes that babies are born learning. Research tells us that the first three years of life are very important for building the young child's brain. Over the first year of life the brain more than doubles its size. By the age of three a child's brain is twice as active as an adult's brain. During this time the brain is preparing the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and for future school success.

Our Research based curriculum takes advantage of this crucial moment period to provide a stimulating and warm responsive environment, introducing babies to Language acquisition, social and emotional interaction.   We incorporate activities that are developmental appropriate..

  • Separate classrooms for children ages 6 weeks to 6 months and 7 months to 12 months

  • Individual lesson plans which promote physical development, sensory, cognitive development, language development, and social/emotional development. 

  • Communication through sign language

  • Music and Literacy Programs daily

  • Stable and knowledgeable teachers

  • Separate areas for sleep and play

  • Hallway sinks and shoe covers promote good health/hygiene practices

  • Sheets are changed daily 

  • Older children are not allowed in the room

  • Changing table is sanitized using a 3 step process after each child. 

  • Upon closing the center is sanitized daily. 

  • Daily information sheets and app is used to ensure you know everything that is happening with your infant. 

  • Early Language Development Program

Infant: Programs
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