Private School

(Late Birthdates up until November 1)


  • Structured Academic Program

  • Community Awareness Program

  • Part or Full Day Options

  • Individual workbooks and books for all subjects

  • Standardized Testing twice each year

  • Small class size

  • Monthly Etiquette class, Daily Mandarin & Weekly Spanish class

  • Field Trips to enhance academy

  • Classes are taught one grade above level

  • Individual Learning






We are Marietta’s premier preparatory school. The school is a state of the art building with safety in mind. 

West Cobb Prep Academy

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Windy Hill Campus

270 Windy Hill Road

Marietta, GA 30060

TEL: 770 435-5720  

FAX: 770 257-0195

From our family to yours we invite you to 

experience West Cobb Prep Academy.

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